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Something to ponder after 70+ years of life

When I was young, I thought it would be wonderful to be great in the sight of others. As I matured in Christ, however, I came to the crossroads of trying to achieve greatness or help others achieve greatness. Rather than follow the path that others had marked out for me to achieve greatness, I chose to invest in others that they may reach their maximum potential in Christ.

While I may have disappointed some who felt that I should have achieved greatness among believers, I have not disappointed those who needed my time and energy to advance them in their spiritual growth and development. Being small in my own eyes kept me from being too big to help the overlooked, the ones that didn't fit in, the ones that didn't have a proper theology, the ones that didn't have a clue, or the ones living in the grossest of sins.

One thing that I have learned through 
this is that it takes more energy, frustration, disappointments, and sacrifice to lower yourself to the level of those who need your help than it does to impress others with self promotion or promotions of a cause.

If you do these things for a reward by
 men, you will be disappointed. If your focus is on those that you are trying to help in the Lord, it will not matter what others think of you. Your reward will await you in heaven. Also, those you succeed with will appreciate your labor, even if it is unknown to others.

Why are we saved? Ephesians 2:8-10 - To be His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, so that we may abide, live, and walk therein. Take time to ponder your own life's work, walk, and talk. Check out your focus in light of the Word of God and the person of Christ. Make adjustments that will glorify Him. The rewards will ultimately be of greater value than the praise of men.