01 Baptist World Missions


Barry and Anita Beiles
Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

Email: bbeiles@baptistworldmission.org

Barry and Anita Beiles have served as missionaries in Spain with Baptist World Mission of Decatur, Alabama, since 2003.  They lead the Evangelical Baptist Church of Arenas de San Pedro, in the Avila region of Spain, seeking to grow it and guide it to self-supporting status with a national pastor.

02 Grace Dental and Medical Missions


Bryan and Emily Bell
Methuen, Massachusetts
Email: office@gdmissions.org

Bryan Bell is the Executive Director of Grace Dental and Medical Missions. He grew up as a missionary kid in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Bryan and Emily met at Northland Baptist Bible College while training for the ministry. They served as missionaries to Botswana, Africa, from 2001 to 2006. In June of 2007, they joined the ministry of Grace Dental and Medical Missions. Together they have enjoyed opportunities to serve the Lord on mission fields around the globe through medical and dental evangelism.

03 Baptist Mid-Missions


Dean and Julie Blood
Juneau, Alaska

Email: bloodline@alaskan.com

Ministry: Church planting, Discipleship

Dean and Julie Blood have served with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1992.  They are planting a church in Juneau, Alaska. Through much prayer and the support of several churches, Bethany Baptist Church broke ground for its first church building in May 2013. In May 2014, Bethany Baptist Church changed its name to Riverside Baptist Church at the dedication service of the new building. The name change was made because of its new location on Riverside Drive and being on the river's edge. Dean is the pastor of the church.

04 Gospel Furthering Fellowship


John and Kim Caputo
Millersville, Pennsylvania 


Ministry: Campus Fellowship

John and Kim Caputo have been missionaries to the secular college campus for the past 25 years.  They do outreach, evangelism, and discipleship through their campus ministry. The Caputos currently work at Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania. They previously worked at West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Campus ministry is not so glamorous, but it is much needed. Perhaps nowhere else in America is there such an assault on ‘anything Christian’ as the college campus!

05 Baptist World Missions


Don and Chris Dillman
Newbridge, Scotland

E-mail: dillmanclan@juno.com

Ministry: Furlough Replacement Missionaries

The Dillmans have been serving the Lord in Scotland since 1993.  As of January 2019, Don is the missionary pastor at Almond Valley Baptist Church in Livingston, which is nine miles west of Edinburgh.  They distribute gospel fliers in the Livingston area and also do door-to-door visitation. They remain totally reliant on God for His guidance, direction, and grace.

06 Baptist Mid-Missions


Cathy Hodsdon
Email: rchodsdon@gmail.com

Ministry: Translation Consultant with Bibles International

For over four decades, Ross and Cathy Hodsdon served as missionaries and Bible translation consultants and helped translate the Bible into dozens of languages. They worked as a team, bringing scholarship, cross-cultural savvy, and a great heart to a kind of work that can seem intense and exacting. In 1989, Ross and Cathy became part of Bibles International, the Bible translation agency of Baptist Mid Missions.  Ross went home to be with the Lord in 2017.  Cathy continues to faithfully serve the Lord in Bible translation work in India and Myanmar.  She is doing some translation workshops at her home in Maine and also some via Skype.

07 Baptist Home Missions


Fred & Mary Mitchell
Holly Springs, North Carolina
Email: merrymitchells3@gmail.com

Ministry: Church planting in North Carolina

Fred Mitchell assists Pastor Twigg at Shadow Ridge Baptist Church, in Holly Springs, North Carolina.  Fred is a missionary who has teamed up with this ministry to assist in the areas of music, outreach, and church activities.  He is also active in the nursing home ministry and in gospel tract outreach.  Fred brings 30 years of rich experience to the ministry.  He has served in California, New Mexico, Georgia, and Puerto Rico, and he also spent eight years establishing churches in England.  Mary taught for 16 years in Christian schools, and she also taught missionary children in Hawaii and the Philippines.

08 International Baptist Missions


Mike and Gail Mestler
Nairobi, Kenya

Email: MMestler@gmail.com

Ministry: Church planting, Bible College, Leadership training, Children's ministry
Website:  http://www.mestler.org/

After pastoring in the United States, Mike and Gail Mestler began their ministry in Nairobi, Kenya with International Baptist Missions in 1993.  They have been planting independent Baptist churches and training national leaders.  Four churches have been planted, and two of these churches are independent of missionary status.  Zion Road Independent Baptist Church was founded in August 2004, and Mike is currently the pastor. In 2009, Mike and four other missionaries established the Independent Baptist College of Ministry.  He is the Dean of Students at the college. The Mestlers also had brief teaching ministries in India and South Sudan.  

09 Gospel Fellowship Association


Jeanne Raymond
Quezon City, Philippines

Email: jraym49@yahoo.com

Jeanne Raymond has had a lifetime burden for teaching. For 10 years she taught in Christians schools in the US. Seeing a need to come alongside missionary families by educating their children, she applied as a missionary to GFA.
Jeanne spent her first two terms working closely with the Potts family in Quezon City. In May 1998, she moved to Paranaque, a suburb of Manila, where she helped Gary and Edie Jones begin Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Jeanne moved back to Quezon City, and she homeschools the children of missionaries, teaches a ladies' Sunday school class at Gospel Light Baptist Church, and teaches the ladies’ Bible classes at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College.